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Today has been a bit mixed (of course it's not over yet, so who knows?). Starting with the bad to get that out of the way, I saw something extremely distressing on tv. It was a news segment about the Swedish chef team in some competition or other, I can't be bothered to keep up with these things. Anyway, there was this guy, calling himself a chef, who was cutting a live lobster to pieces. Is that really legal? I was horrified and so were my mom and sister.

Moving on to more positive stuff, I think the highlight of the day was going for a walk with my children, in the bright sunlight this morning. Actually, my sister helped my son walk (he's almost a year old). I took the new singleton buggy for a spin with my daughter, who is slightly less sure on her feet (but pretty good too). It rolled very well and all in all seems to live up to my expectations. The reason I bought it was that my twins have been given appointments with the dentist for the very first time. Unlike the child care clinic that always lets twins come at the same time, the dentist wants them to come on different days. It will be the first time they've ever been apart since they were born. Naturally, I could have brought both kids on both occasions and asked my mom or sister to sit with the one who wasn't going inside, but I thought this might be a good opportunity for them to learn to do things apart.

Finally, this afternoon, I got a text message telling me that my medication that has been out of stock for a couple of weeks is finally back and I decided to go into town to get it right away, since I've already been without it for too long. I'm going to get a headache every morning for a few days at least. :( On the way back, there was this good looking, very polite kid who was waiting at the same bus stop who smiled and told me to go ahead and get on the bus before him. Just a tiny little gesture but naturally I appreciate it after living for far too many years in a vile dump of a town. Here people are mostly great. It make me sad that I wasted so many years.
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I would like to wish my friends and followers a hopefully Happy New Year! 2014 was a really bad year for me and my family and 2015 was the worst ever. By comparison 2016 has been quite ok, even if it's a case of 'too little, too late'. Now I'm hoping that 2017 will be continuing the (tiny) trend of getting better, even though I'm also getting older (ugh). One can always hope. You'll all be happy to know that though I have written a blog post about my appreciation for my babies' buggy, I resisted the urge to post it. ;)
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Evil. Malignant. Toxic.

Isn't it sad that those are the words that spring to mind when I think of my fellow human beings? Sure, we can be more and better than that, but how many really are?

Tonight my mom watched a show about nature. I saw a little of it too. There is so much beautiful and wonderful in the world, but how long will all that still be around?

Humans of this world are creating a toxic desert. Is that the legacy we want for our children? Really? Or just for 'the others'?

At the moment I'm extremely pessimistic about the future. The way things are going I wouldn't be surprised if we're heading for a major war, but if not outright war, at least big trouble for all of us.

Despite that, I'd like to wish all my friends and followers a very Happy Holiday Season. After all, you can always wish and hope for the best, even if you don't believe it.


Dec. 20th, 2016 05:19 pm
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Today I had an appointment with my dentist. A tooth had to be extracted. Ouch. The actual extraction went well, but afterwards it hurt a bit but most of all it felt all weird to have half a jaw that was numb. Once the anaesthesia had worn off, it started to hurt a bit more, but not that much. Just in case I took one of the painkillers my dentist had given me. So at the moment I feel quite ok. At least until the painkiller stops working.
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Today I went back to the hospital where I had the twins. It was time to return the baby seats that we had rented. I was a bit nervous that they would find our cleaning of the seats inadequate. Fortunately, that wasn't the case.

On our way from there, we had about thirty minutes to wait until the next bus, having just missed the last one by a minute. We decided to walk around the hospital, or at least almost, since there was a big machine digging up the ground and would have been in our way. So we walked and walked and walked and on the way back we ran out of time and almost missed the bus. Fortunately, the driver was nice and stopped to pick us up on his way out of the hospital area.

While we were waiting for the train, suddenly we heard a big boom sounding a bit like a fast train roaring through the station area at full speed. Actually, it was a military plane flying so low I thought it would hit the electric lights. I didn't think it was allowed. It was quite scary.
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Today I went back to the clinic to have my blood pressure checked. To begin with, I had to wait for quite a long time. Then I found that my blood pressure is higher than the last time, when I wasn’t even taking the medication. For two weeks I’ve had headaches that I think are related to this medication. Ironically, this is the best one I’ve had to take, so I don’t want to stop taking it, for more reasons than one. Now I’m worried, but since the results of the other tests were fine, I don’t think there’s any real danger. Still, this is so familiar. Every time I find out I have elevated blood pressure, I somehow feel ashamed. As if I’ve done something wrong. Which is absurd, but I keep feeling this way. I think I’ll have to return to check the pressure again quite soon. The doctor will probably raise my dosage. That’s all. But I can’t help worrying.
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I've posted about my dad before, so I won't go into that again. Today all I'll say is that though I miss my dad every day, it's worse on Father's Day and today was Father's Day in Sweden. :(
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Yesterday I had an appointment with my (new) doctor. That was quite generous of them, as it turns out. These days you hardly ever get to see a doctor unless you're truly sick, usually hospitalized (and even then, you get to meet up to a dozen different doctors in a week or two). Bearing this in mind (the usual seriousness of the situation if a doctor becomes involved) I was a bit concerned about my test results.

Fortunately, I was wrong to worry. The doctor merely informed me about my new dosage. I should have realized that when I'd run out of my pills, and I didn't have them for a week or more I might get side effects once I started taking them again. That was all. Now I'm supposed to take a lower dose for about a fortnight, then return to the clinic and have my blood pressure tested and if it's normal, I can continue with the lower dosage. He tested it again during the appointment, but since I clearly suffer from 'whitecoat hypertension' the pressure was quite high. He also listened to my heart. Then he told me that all my test results, other than the blood pressure, were perfect. So that was a relief.

Baby related )After that visit to the clinic, we had rather foolishly, as it turned out, decided to take the train to where mom was having her eyes tested. Since at the moment, Sweden is covered with snow, it somteimes gets a bit slippery, especially this town that is located by a fjord, it's frequently slippery, even when there's no snow. It was so difficult to walk on that icy surface. We saw a guy slip and fall on a couple of really dangerous sidewalks that are sloping down to street level. I don't understand how that's even legal. It looked painful, but at least he was able to walk away afterwards.

We went to meet mom at the bus station (since this town is one of the few I know of that has a separate bus station and railway station.) Most Swedish towns has a 'travel center' with both railway station and bus station combined, all except the ones that don't have a railway station at all. We left the babies with mom and went to Lidl to check out the new stuff (clothing etc) that's advertised on Mondays and Thursdays. This time we got some weatherproof jackets for the babies (to wear on top of their warm cardigans and jackets). They seemed to love them. We also got some warm socks for ourselves.

When we returned to the bus station, it turned out my daughter was crying. An old man, not quite sober, I suspect, just walked up to us and shoved an ice lolly into her mouth, without asking me first. Knowing P as I do, I could tell from the look in her eyes that she wasn't happy about that. He handed the lolly to me and I thanked him, then threw it in the trash when I was far enough away so he couldn't see me. We're under strict orders from the child care clinic not to give them any sugar for as long as possible. P didn't have any idea of what that thing was and she didn't like it. Still, it was very nice of him to give her the lolly. Obviously he meant well. Just for the record though, she couldn't have been hungry, since we'd brought several bottles of gruel and she'd had most of them, since S didn't seem to be as hungry. She was just tired after a long day. We were actually about to go to the railway station to get back so they could get some sleep.
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I'm not sure I've mentioned this before but a few days ago, a mouse bit through our internet fibre cable (not sure about the technical term) and that way several mice got in through the tiny opening. Since then we've been using our humane trap that we got in the summer when we forgot that out here, you can't leave the front door open even for a short while... That mouse was shut into the bathroom and mainly hid behind the shower or the washing machine so it wasn't too difficult to handle - except for the first time I saw it. It was probably a lot more scared than I was - I was just startled - because I'm not really scared of any rodent, just spiders, snakes etc. Anyway, this time around there are a lot more and they're hanging out on our floor, not the cold and more or less empty ground floor. And these clever, cute little creatures can reach in and get to the bait (mainly bread, oats, pasta etc) and not get caught in the trap. Even so, we've probably released about ten-twelve of them in just this short time and we still have at least four in here. They're everywhere! Climbing on drying laundry, on clean laundry we hadn't yet put away (but we have now). One even got on my sister's back when she was sitting in her armchair! We're quite worried we'll accidentally hurt these tiny creatures, but so far they've been more or less fine, only scared, but not nearly as scared as I expected. The few mice I've seen earlier, when we lived in the cabin in the woods, were a lot shier of us. Even the rats that we had in the garage in town were gentle, polite creatures that never did us any harm, though two of them hissed at us, when they realized they couldn't get into the living areas. I've had it with living in this farming area. It must be the wheat fields that attract all these mice. Add to that the lack of communications and culture - well, I just want to get out of here. Not back to where we came from, because that place sucked big time, but somewhere else. Somewhere better. In a way, I feel guilty for not appreciating this place more. It's a nice place. People are nice. We're not used to that. And it's cheap. And several of our ancestors came from here. I should have known there was a reason our family moved away from here...
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My vegan homepage still isn't working. :( That means I'll be doing any vegan blogging right here, since my blog is reserved solely for links sharing (mainly petitions and donation sites).

Soon I'll be off to the clinic to have my babies weighed and measured. Keeping my fingers crossed that they have grown ok this time, since the last time apparently they had deviated slightly from their projected weight gain curve, if that makes any sense.
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